Regarding Car Seats

As health care workers, we encourage parents of infants to remove their babies from their car seats and carry them or use a stroller rather than transport them in their seats. The car seat is designed to be conveniently removed from the car and turned into a carrier. Unfortunately, when an infant is carried in the seat, the baby can be jarred with each step of the adult as the seat hits their leg. It can be quite a vigorous shaking, even for a short trip. It is so important for babies to feel the touch of their parents and this is one opportunity for parent - baby bonding to occur. Babies feel safe and secure with their parents' arms around them. Also, car seats are engineered to protect your infant in the event of a motor vehicle accident and therefore are quite heavy to carry. Our babies spend their sleeping hours on their back, which can lend itself to a flatter shaped head. This also can be an issue when spending more time in the car seat/carrier. Holding and talking to your baby is a special experience for both infant and parent and offers an opportunity to teach the infant about their environment as well as develop language skills by the infant listening to their parent. This interaction is valuable to both parent and child.