For Parents

We have provided information that is commonly asked for by the parents of our patients. Some items include:

Destinations and Travelers' Health

About Cholesterol and Your Family

Why has my child's cholesterol been checked? What is cholesterol? What are the "bad and "good" types?  What can I do to improve my child's cholesterol level?  FIND THE ANSWERS

Serving Sizes and Calorie Recommendations

What is the recommended serving size and calorie requirements for your child's age?  FIND THE ANSWERS

Divorce, Separation, and Custody Agreements

At Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, we understand that issues related to divorce are very difficult for the entire family. However, we will not be party to custodial, separation or financial disputes relating to individuals with regard to minor children to whom services are provided. All co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles will be collected at the time of service from the individual accompanying the child at the visit. Both parents have access to the minor child’s medical records unless we are provided with a copy of a court order that mandates otherwise. We maintain that divorce, separation, and custody agreements should not enter into the medical care of a child; such matters should remain between the parents.