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Safety Topic - Car Seats

In the spring of 2011 the Georgia State Legislature passed a Bill that changed the age children are required to remain in a booster seat while traveling in a car. This age was increased from six to eight years of age. Once your child reaches four feet and nine inches tall, he or she may be restrained in the back seat using a safety belt.

The following is a review of the American Academy of Pediatrics' recommendations regarding car safety seats and booster seats. For more detailed information please click on the link below.

Age Group
Type of Seat
General Guidelines
Infants Infant seats and rear-facing convertible seats
Infants should ride rear-facing until they reach the highest weight or height allowed by their car safety seat's manufacturer. At a minimum, infants should ride rear-facing until they have reached at least 1 year of age and weigh at least 20 pounds. When children reach the highest weight or length allowed by the manufacturer of their infant-only seat, they should continue to ride rear-facing in a convertible seat.
Toddler/preschoolers Convertible seats and forward-facing seats with harnesses
It is best for children to ride rear-facing as long as possible to the highest weight and height allowed by the manufacturer of their convertible seat. When they have outgrown the seat rear-facing, they should use a forward facing seat with a full harness as long as they fit.
School-aged Children Booster seats
Booster seats are for older children who have outgrown their forward-facing car safety seats. Children should stay in a booster seat until adult belts fit correctly (usually when a child reaches about 4'9" in height and is between 8 and 12 years of age).
Older Children
Seat Belts
Children who have outgrown their booster seats should ride in a lap and shoulder seat belt in the back seat until 13 years of age.

AAP Recommendations on CarSeats

Below is a link to the car seat recommendations appearing in the April 2011 issue of Pediatrics, the peer-reviewed, scientific journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

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